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Meet Our
Summit Speakers


Charlotte Van Horn

CHARLOTTE VAN HORN is Founder and CEO of Black Expats in Panama® (BEIP) a licensed tour company/travel agency in Panama City, Panama.  Charlotte is affectionately referred to as "Harriet" by many. She assists African Americans relocating to Panama.  BEIP is the largest Black Expat Community in Panama. The now famous monthly BEIP Cultural Relocation Tour showcases living options in and around Panama City and Coronado area, shares Afro Panamanian culture/history and provides access to relevant professionals.  She has been recognized by prominent Members of the Afro Panamanian community for her contributions to individuals, businesses and organizations. 


Prior to creating BEIP, Charlotte was a Brand Ambassador for Sisterlocks®. She began her journey as a Sisterlocks™ Consultant in 2012 and eventually opened 2 commercial locations.  During her 10 years practicing, she mentored and helped about 10 other women in the Northern Virginia area build their businesses.  She was highly sought after and very effective as a Natural Hair Business Coach and leaves a legacy filled with "I am my Sista's Keeper" moments.


She credits Sisterlocks™ for giving her the freedom to retire from corporate America in 2017 and she has never looked back.  She honors Dr. Joanne Cornwell for creating a space and opportunity for so many women, like herself, to gain financial independence, spread the wealth in our communities and play significant roles in uplifting Black women as they embrace the beauty of their natural hair.


She holds four US and International registered Trademarks.


Charlotte hosts a weekly show on BLAXIT RADIO and a Podcast “The Black Expat Journey.” She was a professional standup comedian for several years, so she naturally brings humor and laughter to any platform.  

Charlotte is a rising star with a bright future.  She is walking in her purpose and bringing so many others along for the journey. 

Licensed Tour Company/Travel Agency 

Founder and CEO of Black Expats in Panama® (BEIP)


Cathy Thomas

I did an amazing thing on October 16th 2023. I became a Brand Ambassador for Sisterlocks™. After being a Certified Sisterlocks™ Consultant for 21 years and owning and operating a successful Sisterlocks™ business I decided to become a Brand Ambassador.

Growing up in a small University town I was surrounded by African-American business owners. This experience inspired me to become an entrepreneur early in life. In high school one of my favorite classes was future Business Leaders of America. 

As a Brand Ambassador I'm able to purchase for sale large quantities of products for my Sisterlocks clients at wholesale prices. At Locs of Luv we carry the Lilla Rose hair jewelry line for clients to purchase. They also shop from my replicated website. One of my proudest moments was introducing Sisterlocks™ to Lilla Rose. This opened the door for our Sisterlocks™ to be featured in their publications and videos. This also opened another stream of income for the Sisterlocks Consultant.  Becoming a Flexi Rep with the company benefits consultants and clients.  


This wife of  44 years, mother of two grown daughters and four grands couldn't be more grateful to have started my Sisterlocks journey twenty two years ago.



FB page:

Sisterlocks™ Brand Ambassador 

Founder of Locs of Luv


Eulica Kimber

Eulica Kimber
CPA/ MBA/ Business Coach / Author/ Speaker

Eulica Kimber has been speaking and teaching the language of business and accounting, for over 30 years. As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA), she uses her professional experience in accounting and entrepreneurship to help her clients to overcome the fear and intimidation of the numbers of their business by building their business knowledge and leading them to take control of all financial aspects of their operations with confidence. This commitment serves as her inspiration for creating the The Black Woman’s Business Bible. 

She serves her business coaching clients by creating customized action plans for the startup and growth of companies through her online Plan2Pro$per Small Business Academy which also offers her popular self-paced online course, Accounting Basics for Entrepreneurs. She is also the author of the Business by the Number Small Business Planner which is available for purchase on Amazon. 

CPA/ MBA/ Business Coach / Author/ Speaker

Founder of Firm Foundation

Accounting Solutions, PLLC


Plan2Prosper Small Business Academy


Robin Mayes

Robin Mayes embarked on her path to becoming a certified Sisterlocks™ consultant in 2022, driven by a profound appreciation for natural hair beauty and a commitment to empowering individuals through self-expression. As the owner of Crowned Royal Naturals, Robin has dedicated herself to perfecting the craft of Sisterlocks™, a groundbreaking natural hair management system designed to enhance hair health, versatility, and individuality.

At Crowned Royal Naturals, Robin creates a welcoming and supportive environment where clients are encouraged to celebrate their natural beauty. She offers more than just a service; she provides an experience, fostering an environment where every client feels valued, understood, and inspired to explore the full potential of their natural hair. Her personalized approach to consultations ensures that each client's unique needs and aspirations are met with the highest level of care and professionalism. Robin's expertise in Sisterlocks™ allows her to offer a wide range of styling options, from classic and sophisticated looks to more creative and bold expressions of individuality. 

Robin Mayes' journey from a passionate enthusiast to a certified Sisterlocks™ consultant and business owner is a story of dedication, hard work, and an unwavering commitment to celebrating the beauty of natural hair. At Crowned Royal Naturals, she continues to make a significant impact on the lives of her clients, helping them to uncover the crown they never knew they had.

Sisterlocks™ Consultant
N. Chesterfield, VA

Teryka Kimble

Teryka Kimble, CEO of Kimble Locks, is a passionate Approved Sisterlocks™ Trainee located in Virginia Beach, VA.  With my love of helping women and men with their natural hair journey, I’m committed and dedicated to helping you unlock the full potential of your hair. She specializes in Sisterlocks ™, Microlocks, and natural hair.  She started her career pursuing natural hair care and within the last year, she stepped into Sisterlocks ™ and Microlocks. Whether you’re looking for a new look or seeking to enhance your natural hair, I’m here to support you every step of the way.

Sisterlocks™ Practitioner
Virginia Beach, VA

Elysia Carter

IMG_0052 copy.jpg

The Universal Dream Locs Salon is a natural hair salon founded by Elysia Carter, a Sisterlocks™ consultant for 2 years.  She is dedicated entrepreneur based in Jackson, TN with a passion for empowering individuals through hair care.  Elysia's journey into the world of Sisterlocks™ is not just about hair though.  Her practice is also a place for those seeking to reclaim their natural identity.  

As the founder and owner of her business, she combines her love of natural hair care with a commitment to helping her clients embrace not only their natural identity but also their unique beauty.  Elysia understands that each client's journey is different, and so she tailors her services to meet the individual needs and aspirations of those she serves.  Her ultimate goal is a transform the way people view and care for their hair, one lock at a time.

Sisterlocks™ Practitioner
Jackson, TN

Martina Thomas

Martina Thomas, Founder and Owner of Bae Locks Inc.

My purpose was founded on my Passion for healthy hair! Hair for me was a side hustle in high school and grew from there. I graduated from Hawaii Institute of Hair Design March 2013, as a barber. Got my first job working at SuperCuts. My clientele was very diverse, however I was not too happy burnt out with  chemical services that made me work harder to keep the hair healthy. That was my turning point for healthy natural hair!


There is a Purpose behind the Passion. I am passionate about healthy, long hair. Instilling confidence to women, and men who trust the process one loc at a time.  The services I provide are not only keep up with the maintenance but train your hair with healthy routines that encourages growth.  Locs are my Superpower. 


I specialize in Sisterlocks™, Micro Locs, Instant Locs, Traditional (Dreads) and Loc Extensions.

Sisterlocks™ Practitioner
Hinesville, GA

Crystal Vaught

Crystal Vaught, a proud native of North Carolina, resides in the Bull City of Durham, which is nestled in the prestigious Research Triangle Park. While completing formal training in the fine arts,Crystal enrolled in beauty college. Her thirst for knowledge has never wavered. For over 25 years, she has thrived as an educator and administrator in the K-12 realm, leaving an indelible mark on countless students' lives.

But Crystal's talents extend far beyond the classroom.


For over 30 years, she has held a license as a cosmetologist in the state of North Carolina, immersing herself in the world of beauty and self-care. Her passion for learning has taken her abroad, exploring education and cosmetology in diverse cultures.

In the spring of 2000, Crystal embarked on her natural hair journey, embracing her roots with fervor. This pivotal moment inspired her to establish her own business, Stellar Service, where she caters to her clients' unique needs with care and dedication. Stellar Service is not just about providing a service; it is about fostering genuine connections, providing education and ensuring absolute satisfaction.

But Crystal's true passion lies in providing the transformative Sisterlocks™ experience. With boundless enthusiasm, she is eager to accompany you on your Sisterlocks™ journey, guiding and supporting you every step of the way. Get ready to embark on a hair transformation like no other with Crystal Vaught and her unparalleled expertise.

Sisterlocks™ Practitioner
Durham, NC
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