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I help women...

become knowledeagable about 
hair health and all things Sisterlocks™

Clients can learn about hair health, learn to self-retighten, Sisterlocks Practitioners can refreshen their knowledge, skills and create a successful lock business. 


HeadStart Workshop
5 Essentials to be a Successful Sisterlocks Practitioner

Learn the Blueprint to Creating your Next Level of Natural Freedom

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SELF- RETIGHTENING (Clients - In Person)

 Is this class for me? 

  • Flexibility to maintain your hair between appointments

  • Budget your hair care to suit your wallet

  • Gain a sense of security when traveling

You will learn to :

Self-Retighten your locks anytime! anywhere!

Create and maintain healthy locks regimen

Reduce your retightening budget


ADVANCED REFRESHER (Consultants - In Person)

 Is this class for me? 

Do you desire to:

  • maintain or restore Home Office good standing

  • strive to be the best professionals with continual education

  • review of major lesson topics

  • receive troubleshooting support in challenge areas

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What Clients have to say!

"Able to tailor teaching to my style of learning."

"Very thorough and patient"

"Encouraging and positive!"

Have a testimonial? Feel welcome to submit via our Facebook page.

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