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Meet Our Guests

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Sharvette Mitchell

Sharvette Mitchell is a Marketing Consultant that works with small businesses to enable them to tell the stories of their businesses by marketing so that they generate more revenue with increased visibility on their brand and business. She does this by focusing on their marketing plans, positioning techniques, and visual branding with one on one consulting, group coaching programs based on her trademarked framework, THE PLATFORM BUILDER®, speaking,  book collaborations, and hosting conferences & retreats.



Valarie Harris

Dr. Val is a wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, preacher, teacher, author, Life Purpose and Discovery coach, leadership consultant, and speaker. She is the founder and CEO of Stepping Out with Purpose. Through her company, she provides online courses, personal and professional coaching & consulting, media training, and book publishing services to help aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs gain the confidence and necessary tools to make their life dreams a reality.


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Monique Williams

Monique Williams is a growth strategist, certified coach, and speaker, as well as CEO of Monique Inc. - a consulting, coaching, and teaching agency created to support black women leaders in overcoming life challenges, so they can discover a greater sense of purpose and show up as their best self, unapologetically.

Using her personal experiences, career success, education, and strategy skills, Monique has built an all-encompassing personal and professional development experience through She’s RISING. With this signature series of coaching services, programs, courses and events, Monique provides the tools necessary for any woman to achieve and maintain meaningful growth + transformation.

IG: @moniqueinc

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Natasha St. Amand

Natasha Paris St. Amand is known to many as Natasha Paris, the Empowerment Strategist. She inspires and encourages everyone, especially women, to become the best versions of themselves. She provides individuals with the tools necessary to command attention, stand proudly, generate amazing income streams, become leaders, and use their leadership to empower everyone around them.

Natasha Paris is a native of Brooklyn, NY, born to Haitian parents. After being married for 10 years and going through a divorce, she moved to Northern Virginia, where she currently lives with her 2 children. 

She has a background in Makeup Artistry, Styling, Etiquette Training and Psychology. 

Natasha Paris focuses on the whole person by encouraging them to RESET their Mind, Money, and Moves. Her guidance, support and proven technique EMPOWERS them to become Influential and Self-Assured.

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Eulica Kimber

Eulica Kimber - CPA/ MBA/ Business Coach / Author/ Speaker

Eulica Kimber is a Certified Public Accountant; which means that she is pretty good with numbers. But other than that she's just like you! Eulica is a small business owner learning and earning through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. 

She is using more than 30 years of experience in accounting and internal controls to help clients achieve their goals. She absolutely enjoy helping business leaders to understand and take ownership and control of all financial aspects of their operations.

FB: @eulicakimbercpa

IG: @eulicakimbercpa

Don Williams

Don Williams.png

Don Williams is an Author/Entrepreneur/Speaker

True Restoration, Mind Transformation and Personal Elevation. These are the three facets that encompass the life’s work, mission and purpose of Don Williams. Don’s heartfelt desire to help individuals tap into their “True Potential” is the driving force that pushes him to equip returning citizens to become productive and fulfilled in the mission God has called them to. Don’s passion for assisting those who were incarcerated is dear to his heart. He knows all too well how difficult this can be- as he personally endured this journey- and now speaks to youth and adults about making the right choices and living a life committed to giving themselves away. Don has been the keynote speaker and trained numerous organizations on a national level. He is an author, entrepreneur, husband and proud father of six daughters and one son. Don Williams is an innovative force as well as a visionary enhancing the professional and personal lives of the masses “one life at a time”.
IG: @p7solutions

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Lynn Lewis

Lynn Lewis is a Certified Grief Coach and Author.

As a From Grief to Gratitude Certified Grief Coach she loves that she gets to coach grieving adults, mostly women who are grieving the death of a loved one. They have acknowledged and accepted that the loss happened but are ready to move forward to live meaningful and impactful lives. As their coach, Lynn guides others from pain to peace, heartbreak to happiness and grief to gratitude.  

Due to her own son's August 2019 suicide death, Lynn is a Survivor of suicide loss on a mission to educate and inform our grief avoidance society that grief is a normal, natural, and necessary response to loss hoping that one day we will get to a point of freely talking about grief regardless of the type of loss.
IG: @griefcoachlynn

Toni M. Winston

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Toni M. Winston – Author & Serial Creative Entrepreneur

Toni M. Winston has found the secret recipe for striking a balance between professional success and family. Her unique creativity, positive motivation, and contagious inspiration have been featured in various media outlets, including the Dr. Oz show.

Being a friend is her superpower, and Toni has built a highly engaged community of women who are passionate about finding and activating their “why.” After overcoming a personal journey of finding her purpose, Toni created intimate one-on-one opportunities for women to help change the trajectory of their lives.

Toni asks that you join her as she continues to create, motivate & inspire!

Get Connected with Toni: 

Tremaine Wills



Tremaine Wills, MBA, is an Investment Advisor, Financial Planner and Speaker


helping women business owners start

and finish their journey to retirement through financial planning and investing. Tremaine is a Certified Financial Education

Instructor with multiple investment licenses who is passionate about building wealth in our community and providing education on

how to retain the wealth we are building. This passion led her to create The 4 Comma Collective, a community focused on

helping 1 million individuals and families grow their invested assets to $1million over the next 20 years following her signature

framework The R.I.C.H. Roadmap. To date, the 4 Comma Collective has invested over $2.2 million dollars with the majority of the

progress shown by first time investors!

Get Connected with Tremaine:


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