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Dana's Author Page

Dana believes Every Strand Counts.  Every Root, Every Lesson, Every Experience, Every legacy makes a difference in our lives.
 All her writings are to deepen this understanding to connect the dots of their lives and move forward in purpose!

Positioned to Pivot:

Strategies for your next Chapter

"Positioned to Pivot: Empowering Strategies for Your Next Chapter" offers an exploration of transformation and resilience. Crafted by 12 women leaders and entrepreneurs, this book serves as a guiding light for anyone standing at the crossroads of change. Whether you're shifting gears in your career, taking a new direction in your business, or embracing a personal life transition, these stories and strategic guidance resonate with authenticity and advice.

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Influencers Stepping Out In Boldness

Influencers Stepping Out with Boldness is a collection of insight and guidance from innovative women in

leadership who want to help you cultivate your spiritual, personal, professional, financial, career, and

business lifestyle by being a model example for others.

Prepare For Purpose:

Your Invitation to the Next Level.

Prepare For Purpose: Your Invitation to the Next Level is an inspiring and practical guide that seeks to help readers discover and nurture their individual paths to living meaningful lives. Written from the perspective of ten women leaders, this collaboration includes short stories, transparent moments, scriptures, and motivation to assess and pursue a meaningful purpose with intention and commitment. Throughout the book, the co-authors encourage us to pause and reflect on our decisions, actions, and experiences.

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