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WORK WITH Coach Dana

Let's Grow Your Vision!

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I'm excited about the possibility of partnering with you to cultivate your business dreams into reality.

My expertise lies in mentoring both emerging and seasoned entrepreneurs on the intricacies of CRAFTING, ENHANCING, and BROADENING their business horizons. Leveraging my rich background as a Sisterlocks™ Consultant and Certified Trichologist, I've navigated various operational landscapes, including home setups, salon stations, and on-the-go services. My journey has spanned full-time commitments to flexible part-time arrangements, always infused with a touch of humor and resilience. This path has endowed me with priceless insights, strategies for success, and practical advice for avoiding common pitfalls.

Moreover, I'm passionate about integrating Trichology into your service offerings, providing a holistic approach to hair care that resonates with the ethos of Sisterlocks. This unique combination not only enriches your professional skills but also amplifies the value you bring to your clients, promoting scalp health and hair rejuvenation alongside bespoke Sisterlocks services.

If you're ready to embark on a transformative coaching experience and are curious about enriching your business with Trichology, I warmly invite you to schedule a consultation with me here. Let's make your business aspirations a tangible reality!



Coach Dana is thrilled to introduce you to this innovative program, specially crafted for Sisterlocks Practitioners who are eager to achieve certification and enhance their income streams right away!


In this program, you'll receive the essential blueprint to:

  • Streamline the consultation and client journey

  • Refine your foundational fundamentals

  • Enhance maintenance efficiency

  • Upgrade your technical skills

  • Boost your marketing strategies

  • Enrich your client relations

  • Build a comprehensive service menu

These vital components will propel you towards your desired destination. With HeadStart, you're not just setting the stage for success; you're stepping into it with confidence and purpose. Let's embark on this empowering journey together!





We're excited to introduce you to our unique initiative designed to foster excellence in participating practitioners while offering you, valued clients, a special and rewarding journey.


The Matchbox Program is your gateway to:

  • Committed Practitioners: The practitioners are passionate about providing the authentic Sisterlocks experience. Your journey begins with their unwavering dedication.

  • Exclusive Pricing: As a Matchbox client, you'll enjoy special pricing options, making your Sisterlocks journey even more accessible and rewarding.

  • Expert Guidance: Rest assured that our practitioners are guided by a team of experts, including a Consultant, Trainer, Coach, and Certified Trichologist, all boasting over two decades of invaluable experience.

Join us in the Matchbox Program and experience Sisterlocks like never before. We're here to elevate your journey, empower practitioners, and create a vibrant community dedicated to the beauty of natural hair. It's time to ignite your passion for Sisterlocks with us!

If you need help launching or caring for your Sisterlocks business,
I have the perfect solutions for you!

Coach Dana

Dana began her Sisterlocks™ journey

in 2000.

Sisterlocks™ Consultant

Sisterlocks™ R-Certified

Sisterlocks™ Trichology Analyst

Sisterlocks™ Product Distributor

Sisterlocks™ Former Evaluator

Sisterlocks™ Former Trainer 

The natural freedom and time-saving convenience that Sisterlocks brought into my life ignited my curiosity, leading me to explore the business aspect of the company.

The benefits and ease of Sisterlocks were too remarkable to keep to myself, prompting me to become a consultant. From there, I embarked on a rapid journey of advancement within the company.

As a Sisterlocks™ Consultant, I've gained valuable experience across various settings, including home-based, salon, and mobile services. My journey has seen me offering services on a full-time, part-time, and sometimes humorous basis (LOL). I've skillfully adapted my business to suit the demands of my busy life, and I'm excited to share the invaluable insights and lessons learned from these experiences with you.

Additionally, as a mother to my special needs son, I've honed a unique ability to simplify complex concepts. This skill has proven invaluable in coaching others through the journey of hair regeneration and guiding them towards success as consultants.

Sharing my knowledge, skills, and expertise fills me with immense pride, and I look forward to helping you on your journey to success.


In the year 2000, I was introduced to Sisterlocks a revolutionary
hair management system that transformed my life in incredible ways.

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