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Your Hair Advocate


Are you ready for natural freedom...

Let's start living a healthy hair lifestyle
Create and Build the Locked Business of your dreams

Our Vision 
is to empower and galvanize women with an
understanding that Every Strand C

Dana Wilson is the Director of Hair Cares, Inc. She began her Sisterlocks journey in 2000 and then shortly thereafter became a Certified Sisterlocks Consultant. Dana progressed within the Sisterlocks family to trainer, coach, and brand ambassador. 

Dana specializes in supporting people who may suffer from hair loss, scalp disorders and Sisterlocks Consultants who desire to build their businesses and hone their skills.

She operates through offering Trichology and Sisterlocks coaching, classes, and services.


Her motto is Every Strand Counts. 


Dana is a Certified Trichologist, with personal hair-loss experience.  She truly understands every strand counts.   She has invaluable information and perseverance to pass on to clients and hair practitioners. Read more about Dana here.

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Meet Coach Dana

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The HeadStart 90-Day Program was designed for Sisterlocks Practitioners who are ready to get certified and earn additional income flow now!


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Exciting News - I'm an Author!

Prepare For Purpose: Your Invitation to the Next Level is an inspiring and practical guide that seeks to help readers discover and nurture their individual paths to living meaningful lives. Written from the perspective of ten women leaders, this collaboration includes short stories, transparent moments, scriptures, and motivation to assess and pursue a meaningful purpose with intention and commitment. Throughout the book, the co-authors encourage us to pause and reflect on our decisions, actions, and experiences.

Prepare For Purpose:

Your Invitation to the Next Level.


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Dana is all about hair health!

  • Certified Trichologist, Sisterlocks ™ Educator & Coach

  • Holistic Practitioner of Trichology

  • CITI Certified BIO Research Assistant

  • Certified Cold Capper

  • Veteran

and most importantly a mother of an amazing son on the Autism Spectrum.

Our Mission
is to encourage holistic living
and embrace
 full self-expression.

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