The trichological treatments we offer to our clients at Hair Cares, involves breakthrough treatments in the prevention of hair loss, using state of the art treatments and naturopathic therapy. We provide the following trichological services:

  • Scalp Exfoliation - removes dead skin cells from the scalp, relieves dry, itchy scalp and promotes hair growth.

  • Scalp and Hair Detoxification - removes impurities and toxins from the scalp as well as hair product build up.

  • Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) - aids blood flow and to stimulate hair growth from the cellular level.

  • Steam Treatments - aids in maintaining hydration in your hair and scalp.

  • Blood Typing - uses your blood type to assist in developing a customized nutritional meal plan.

  • Hair Growth Treatments - could include but not limited to Dermarolling, Microcurrent scalp massaging and Ozone therapies.